Spring 2023 Scratch
and Dent Sale

     During the last reprint of our Wisconsin map guide, our printer's automatic boxing equipment crunched a bunch of books. It was always the first book going into the box. Poor little guys. We've been setting these damaged books aside, and now we're having a scatch and dent sale until they're gone.
     The book you see here is as dinged up as they get. Many have just slight damage, but others have about a dozen crinkled pages like you see in the picture. When you order one, we'll pull a sealed bubble mailer from the pile and ship it to you. Maybe you'll get a barely dented one. Maybe you'll get one that looks like your book fell out the car window next to the trout stream. They're all sealed up, so even we don't know what we're sending you. But we do know you'll get a great book at 50% off. Here are the details:
  • Available only by mail
  • Send your address and check payable to Where Am I Publications, Inc.
  • Price:  $21.75 ($17.25 book + $4.50 shipping & handling)
  • If you are reading this, we still have books available.

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